Jun 19, 2007

Do you 'roo?

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Words don't even describe the weekend I had in TN. So I will try a list of phrases to see if that will do it justice...

Joe in a cape, man skirts, Ben the princess, AJ the grill queen, tie-dyed tank tops, lots o' dust, what!? the sun is coming up!, my phone is dying, i don't need a shower $7 bad, mmm frozen lemonade, who is playing anyways?, lets see the 1am show, Justin in french braids, Val I am wearing your skirt/shoes/whatever I decide I want of yours, where are Val's keys!?, hey Josh could you...., Joe--JOE turn on your phone!!, dumb balls, here's a glow stick - Joe put them in his pants to sneak them in, Marc's asleep, Cheryl's also asleep, Ben I'm taking your cot, blue and red dyed feet, Justin = Jesus and has pictures taken with other Roo-ers as if he was a character at Disney, where is Bob?

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Ashley d'Entremont said...

where is bob, as in where is melvin?

sounds like you had a blast!