Jun 7, 2007

Letters from a Wednesday

1) Dear Parmer, please never back up so much that I go less than 2 blocks in 30 minutes ever again. Really. It's not a fun way to begin the day.

2) Dear Marc, Your southern-texas accent is really bad. I love it. Please leave me more voice mails using it. Thanks!

3) Dear Brittany and Brittney, Yall are great. You make work wonderful.

4) Dear AJ, Val, and Emal, Come visit!! I miss you tons. I need to walk to Cambridge, have a glass of Pinot, watch CSI with someone, name a car with you, have a dance party and generally, just be the peanut gallery.

5) Dear dishes, wash yourselves. what am I? Your mother?

6) Dear Ruby, pay for your own gas. See #5

7) Dear new table, Yay! you arrive Saturday! I'll have a place to eat!

8) Dear Lamar, wow. you added all kinds of goodness to Austin today, when I drove on you not once, not twice but three times. Thanks for being there man, means the world to me.

9) Dear Starbucks, see you in the morning. 2 to go please.

and finally...

10) Dear Bonnaroo, OH MY GOD!!! I cannot wait! Sunshine, warm weather, music and most importantly, the 12 coolest people I have ever known. ALL IN ONE PLACE. What could possibly be better? Nothing, Bonnaroo, or "the 'Roo" as I hear you are going by. You are the greatest. Thanks for saving my life and reuniting me with my friends for a few days of mayhem and glorious wonderfulness.


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