Sep 5, 2007

Baby Mama

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We had Haila's baby shower today! It was very PINK. Apparently a couple moons ago she donated the tulle from her wedding to the arts & crafts closet. Well we resurrected it and used it on her throne.

She gone some swell gifts, little onsies, diaper bag (all me), rubber ducky, lullabyes on CD and the big one - a swing.

I'm proud to say my pasta salad, which was taking its maiden voyage with my coworkers as guinea pigs, was completely finished! And I even remembered my camera.

In non-work-baby related news, I think I am getting my last piece of big furniture! I found a chair on craigslist and so long as it will fit in Ross's jeep, he and I are going to pick it up on Saturday. Yay!

And Britta accepted a position at Edelman today. Solid salary and a fun international client to work on. Congrats Britta!

What a good Wednesday.

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