Sep 30, 2007

Bry's 17!

Bry's 17th Bday in Austin
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Bryanna went to San Antonio today for some boyfriend stuff and then instead of just going home, she came to visit me in Austin. Clearly WAY MORE FUN than just returning home to Houston.

On Tuesday she becomes an old lady of 17 so tonight I took her out for a little girls only birthday celebration. We had an excellent dinner at Z Tejas in the Arboretum and then went to Mozarts on Lake Austin for coffee.

We took this picture at Mozarts and I feel the need to qualify a few things. 1) the photographer was sitting and we were standing. quite possibly the worst angle ever. 2) it's humid so we are "glistening" if you will 3) I have discovered I am least photogenic in the state of Texas. odd I know but true 4) no matter how much I think this is not a rockstar photo, it was her birthday out and it deserves to be comemorated!

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