Sep 3, 2007

Camera?? Anyone?

I need to start taking more pictures! I've determined that I am seriously slacking in the photo taking department.

The past week's been an interesting one. The east coast gossip came on strong, like nothing you've ever heard. Four break ups in 2 weeks! AJ & Joe have moved into their house and she got a job. So a lot of my week has been on the phone with my fav selection of BU-ers.

Friday I had some QT with Amy who leaves for Scotland Tuesday (tomorrow!). We were going to go out for Pooja's birthday but it poured. Sixth Street in the rain = no good.

Ross and I ran around Saturday doing Labor Day weekend type things and BBQed at one of his friends houses. I feel more and more like an adult when he and I do things together. To some extent if seems strange, but in other ways, not at all. I guess it only seems strange when I step back and think things like "wow. John & Christina have that house. It's their house." And I realize we're actually grown-ups.

Ross and I had a little drama of our own this weekend but not a fight or anything. The short version is he talked about moving to Dallas, even just temporarily, to work with one of his friends and I hated the idea so I was very vocal about it. Long story short, no body is going to Dallas and we're spending this afternoon together.

All that said, it's off to the gym, Target and HEB with me. Being very ambitious before I see Ross. Wish me luck!

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