Sep 27, 2007

damn it Ross

First of all, he wouldn't be too happy if he saw the name of this post. But ignore that fact, and, damn it Ross!

Why don't we have any pictures of us? I keep telling him, my adoring public (ie Jane, AJ and Anna) want to see pics! Yet do we have any? No. Now in all fairness to him, not totally his fault. The couple times a camera has surfaced around us, he's been game. There have even been a few times out where he asked why I didn't have a camera.

Tonight I took my camera to his mom's birthday dinner - kinda. The camera made it to her house but never left my car. So not Ross's fault but still, he seems to be the easiest person to blame. :)

One day folks, one day. The pictures will come and before I go to Boston or I fear the wrath of my adoring public.

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Emo said...

yes, we want to see pictures! :) after more than a year together, it took a wedding and my going away to get good pics of my TX boy & me together - not good. i hope you get cute couple pics much earlier than that. and boy stories are always better with pictures.