Apr 11, 2008

The Big W-O-D

Women of Distinction, or WoD. The life consuming event of GSCTX is over (at least for 2008)! Tuesday was the Waco event (pictured) and yesterday was the Austin event. Both went really well. At Waco we had 175 attendees, including a Waco Tribune Reporter, in a beautiful room at Baylor and raised $15,000. At the Austin event we had 700 attendees, including a News 8 cameraman, at the Hilton Austin and raised $150,000. They were fun but I am so glad they are over for a while!!

After working 10-12 hour days Monday-Thursday, I'm taking today off. Ross is off too and we have quite the day planned. Some shopping, lunch date, car registration and generally preparing for our birthday (his, 27) camping trip this weekend. Speaking of Ross, he's up for a promotion! He's been bouncing around at work, covering stores when the regular manager is on his day off. A couple days ago the opportunity to have his own store appeared. He's officially let the folks know he wants it and I think it will be his store soon. Yay! But for now that sexy about to be promoted man is still asleep. I think I shall go wake him :)

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