Apr 28, 2008

The Word of Val

Val flew in on Thursday for my birthday. She departed yesterday. Here is her post-visit email to all our friends.

Subject: Ross: a review
To: AJ, Ben, Anna, Jane, Kristin, Bob, Christa and me

Dear friends,

This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel to the great country of Texas (no seriously, I flew out of the international terminal) for Cheryl's birthday and also had the opportunity to meet that Ross fellow that she is always talking about.

I will first admit that for the 72 hours that I was there, I was almost always under the influence of tequila - which was all but pumped through my veins in the form of margaritas - we drank frozen margaritas, margaritas from buckets, and mexican martinis (which will do more damage than a standard margarita). Nevertheless I will give you all the most objective review of Ross that I can :)

I put him through a rigorous set of tests to ensure that he will properly fit into our group. The following are just a few of the reasons that make him an alright match for our Cheryl:

1) He has a good sense of humor and was able to put up with my smart remarks all weekend, which isn't always easy to do.

2) He agrees that for their wedding, they should have an 80's cover band so that we can rock out to Journey all night long (I'm lobbying hard to make sure this happens)

3) He'll fit in just fine with our guys - while I can't guarantee that he'll wear a man skirt with Justin and Joe (or a man skirt fashioned as a cape), he likes beer, baseball, he drives a white wrangler and he's from the south, so Ben and Bob will like him just fine.

4) He comes fully equipped with a margarita machine.

5) He seems quite fond of our Cheryl - I knew he was in it for the long run when he said "she'll do." :)

Okay - I'm getting cramps in my thumbs from using my blackberry to write this email so I'll leave you with just these 5 reasons. In short - I'll give Ross 4 stars.

I hope all is well with everyone, I'll be in Boston as of Friday at noon (in the pub with Jane, of course).



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