Apr 2, 2008

Project Co-Habitate: Week 2

We've been doing this live together thing for two weeks so far. I know all you married folks are reading this and chuckling "oh how cute! Two weeks!" Well chuckle away my friends. You and yours once had a two week marker and I bet you were pretty excited about it.

Really nothing has changed yet. We found a place for most of our clothes - accomplishment of the week. Ross's computer moved its way onto my desk today. He's quite happy; said computer now works (something it hasn't done in nearly 7 months). And really I think thats about it. Now much huh? For living with a boyfriend for the first time, I almost feel like I should have more to report back. I stand by that the major changes will come when we unpack the bulk of his stuff and his macho things meet my girlie things.

Work's going well too. We're having some position shuffling but I think a lot of that is working out very well. The Comm Dept is a little swamped from now til June, add that to my swamped personal life and it is going to be July before I know it!

This month alone I have two major fundraisers to attend (both next week, Women of Distinction, I encourage you to attend), a camping trip, Ross's birthday, Possibilities - a Girl Scout book - to edit, Girl Scout newsletter to write, Val's visit and my birthday. Next month is our move, a day in Waco for work, more Possibilities, Kevin's birthday and my parents 25th wedding anniversary. And somehow between those things I need to coordinate my responsibilities for Relay for Life (again, I encourage you to attend). I'm tired just thinking about it! And that my friends, is why I am throwing in the towel tonight.

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