Apr 13, 2008

lake, sun and birthday

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We spent Ross' birthday at Pace Bend Park on Lake Travis. Well kinda. We didn't really spend his exact birthday there (that would be today) but we spent yesterday and last night there. It was us, Ryan, Susannah, Aaron, Josh, Rick, Shannon, Chris, Patty, John, Christina, Crystal, Chad and Shannon. A couple other folks whose names I know not.

Just real chill, laid back, hanging out by the lake, playing games and boating (per Chad and Shannon's generosity).

There were a few casualties, namely my contacts and then my high school class ring which I couldn't find when I dropped it because I had no contacts. Vicious cycle that. But I did take away a sunburn and an old man boyfriend - 27 - who is feeling very happy and affectionate. I think he really loves me this one :) at least thats what he tells me.

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