Apr 6, 2008

God Bless You My Love!

He's on a strict diet - oranges, orange juice, more fruit, veggies and hot tea. And he sneezes a lot and I say "God bless you my love!" a lot. (Though he coughs more than sneezes honestly.)
My honey is going to get better if its the last thing I do! Sadly Senor Ross has not been feeling well. But I think between the Vicks, the throat spray and all the oranges he is consuming, he will feel well again soon.

I think most, if not all, couples have their show that they watch. Ross and I LOVE trashy TV. LOVE IT I tell you. This spring our show was "Here Come the Newlyweds." Hilarious I tell you! Couples competing against each other for money. Great competitions. Blindfolded hubby driving a minivan in an empty parking lot via wife's directions. Wife getting a make over so hubby can guess what changed (changes even included butt pads!). Folks, it was one laugh after another. And of course running commentary by us about how we would handle it throughout. (Blindfold car - we'd hit every shopping cart, he'd totally notice and celebrate some butt pads.) It makes us laugh but it was also pretty educational. We chatted about things I don't think we would have randomly brought up otherwise. Like how much is too much to spend on a car EVER (him: $30,000 me $50,000 - so much for my dream Lexus SUV). I wish I could remember some of the others but great things I am telling you. My point? Eh I only sorta have one. We enjoy trashy TV, especially tonight's finale, and while I'm a little hesitant to say it - trashy TV helped us learn a few things about each other.

My name is Cheryl and trashy TV is my preferred couple's therapy.

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