Sep 1, 2008


Princess Dress
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I think I tried on 25 dresses between Friday and Saturday. This is one of my favorites but one we ultimately decided was not for me. I love the full lace overlay and the scalloped bottom. What held me back though was the weight of the dress and the petticoats. I started to "glisten" just standing in the shop! Not even walking around. We're having an outdoor wedding so glistening in AC does not bode well for the actual wedding.

I'm also very conscious of looking like an oversized marshmallow. Don't laugh! I feel like some brides can wear a very full skirt and look like a super glam princess. I don't think I am that bride. As much as I loved looking at this dress in the mirror, I think the photos make me look like the Michelin man. I don't want to look at my wedding photos for the rest of my life and think "grab a hershey bar and graham crackers! S'more time!"

I did find two dresses that I really liked. Very different from each other but both very pretty. I think I have one of them picked out but it just seems like such a big decision. Your wedding is the day that you get to wear the most beautiful gown of your life. How many wedding barbies did we all see growing up? Once you buy that dress, its done. That's it. That dress will forever be your wedding dress. Oh the pressure!

On another clothing note, mom and I had dinner with Ross' family post dress-a-palooza and Nancy started to tell us about the items necessary for Ross' ensemble. Dang. This is one wedding where the groom's attire is more complicated than the bride's. I kid you not, I think the kilt-tuxedo combo has 6-8 pieces for it. I have one: a dress.

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