Sep 13, 2008

Hurricane Party!!

Talk about a party!

On Thursday morning I talked to my mom and they were headed to the Memorial area to stay with my aunt and uncle while Hurricane Ike ate Seabrook for breakfast. Well I got out of my morning meeting and had a voicemail that no, they were not staying in Houston any more but were now on their way to Austin. By they I mean Mom, Dad, Grandma, 2 dogs and a cat. Oh and could they stay with Nancy and Jack.

And that my friend is when it all began. We have 4 parents, 2 grandmas, 5 dogs and a cat all living under one roof this weekend. Ross and I are entertaining and caring for people/pets as much as possible. The level of ridiculousness is just out of control.

Fortunately everyone, except the dogs, are getting along. Ross' dog, Russell, and my dog, Boopie, are not friends. They have to be separated all the time. As a result we are playing musical dogs and Gramma's room has become a dog holding cell.

Meanwhile, my Grandma tripped and bumped her head within 5 minutes of arriving in Austin. She's fine but was understandably a little frazzled and embarrassed. Dad is glued to The Weather Channel with Boopie at his feet on a leash (the security of a leash somehow actually keeps her calmer). Russell was so excited he's been shaking and panting...the amount of slobber coming out of his mouth rivals the rainfall in Seabrook. Quaid, Ross' other dog, God bless him, is too dumb to realize there are other dogs on his turf. He's happy as a clam. Mom's staying calm but I think she's secretly saying to herself "never in a thousand years did I think..." Nancy and Jack are teaching classes and Gramma is potentially leaving for Tennessee tomorrow. Ross and I are pouring the drinks and trying to keep the chatter flowing.

All the in-laws in one house is just too much. I'm glad the option was there for my parents and Jack and Nancy have been fantastic hosts but if we're never in this boat again, that'll be alright with me.

Until then though...back to the hurricane party!

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