Sep 15, 2008

Its Lookin' Sunny Again

Yesterday Dad headed back to Houston. Of the 5 houses in our family (grandma, uncle, etc) that we've been able to get to, all are still standing and with minimal property damage.

We haven't been to our house yet because they (the city?) had the neighborhood blocked off. However, Melissa went by this evening and was able to drive through the neighborhood. The house is still standing! Woohoo! She said there aren't even obvious signs of flooding - quite the relief as you can imagine. As far as she could tell, the only damage was to the fence. But like Mom said, it needed replacing anyways.

It also started to look sunny again yesterday when Mom and Grandma went with me for distraction from the doom-n-gloom of Hurricane Ike. We went to Alfred Angelo and met Nikki to purchase my wedding dress. We got my dress, a comb for my hair, the blusher part of my veil and a fancy garment bag for my dress. As if that isn't exciting enough, they were having the biggest sale of the year (we didn't even realize it!) and we got it all for a steal of a deal. It would be tacky to say how much of course, but suffice it to say, I feel like a darn smart, sly, thrifty bride.

And I can't tell you how fabulous it was to have Nikki's help. Besides just loving to have a girlfriend there to gush with me, she's so good at her job. Pinning the dress, making sizing suggestions, finding the perfect comb, promising to take care of my every need, and even offering to be my personal dresser for the wedding. I could not have asked for a more competent friend when it comes to the world of bridal wear.

Finally, we have a cold front here this week. Meaning the highs are 81 and 82 instead of 95 and 96. We have the AC off and the windows open. I can feel my electric bill (and bank account) smiling down on us.

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