Sep 2, 2008

I'm Trying So Hard

I am trying so very hard to be open-minded about our presidential choices. So very hard. So hard that I am watching the RNC and reading John McCain's stance on the issues.

I've gotten through one of his twelve issues areas, "Human Life & Dignity," and I am already violently opposed on three issues.

Pro Life v Pro ChoiceI feel this is the issue that I am the most compassionate to the Republican cause on. I agree: murder is wrong. But we disagree on the science of it. I don't think a fertilized egg is really a baby in the first tri-mester. Maybe not even in the first 4 months. I don't think a woman who is raped should have to bring the baby to term. Why should she be reminded everyday by her growing belly of the terrible thing that happened to her? I will say though that I'm on board for discouraging abortion as a form of birth control. We should offer potential mothers who choose abortion free counseling. Perhaps we should require it. Perhaps persons under the age of 16 should need parental consent... perhaps not though as this may make it unavailable to some of the most needy. I'm not 100% sure on exactly what our plan should be but I do think we should discourage abortion in the case of irresponsible behavior by an adult while permit it for those who did not choose sexual activity or those who truly cannot care for a child.

Same Sex MarriageThis is where I get passionate. How dare one adult tell another that they cannot marry. How ridiculous! First, nobody cannot make that decision for two other people. Aren't Republicans supposed to embrace the idea of small government and letting people live their lives with as little government interference as possible? How does this reflect that value? That violates basic rights! Second, I believe it is discrimination. And I believe in 10 or 15 years those who discriminate against gay and lesbian couples will be ashamed of themselves. I hear people say "that's not how people are supposed to be." Well then is it a disability? People aren't supposed to be blind but imagine if we told blind people they couldn't marry or couldn't go to school. People would be outraged! As we should be outraged by telling two people they cannot legally commit to one another. And third, to the argument that a mother and father are both needed in the traditional family: sure. A child needs two parents. It takes two involved parents to raise a child because raising children is challenging. Instead of telling two loving and capable people that because they prefer a partner of the same sex that they cannot have children, why don't we tell fathers to stay around? Why don't we crack down on deadbeat dads? Why don't we frown on mothers who abandon their children? Wouldn't it be better for children to have two loving intelligent same-sex parents than one parent in any situation?

Stem Cell Research
I'm not a science person. But I have no problem developing human stem cells for the purpose of research. If it will help cure diseases like Alzheimer's then I am on board. Plain and simple.

In all fairness to John McCain, Sarah Palin and the Republican Party though, I will tell you which issues from that same issue section, "Human Dignity and Life," that I do agree with.

Promoting Adoption The idea of two people who desperately want to be and can be good parents adopting a child with few options is beautiful. We should encourage it and open the opportunity to as many willing and capable parents as possible. Women with unwanted pregnancies should have this option presented and we should help them, as much as reasonably possible, make adoption a reality for their baby.

Protecting Children from Internet Porn and Predators
Not very much else needs to be said. All in favor say "aye." AYE.

I told, you, I am trying very very hard to be fair and open minded.

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Anonymous said...

I love and respect you for being so informed!!

It's unfortunate that so many people don't look into candidates' actual policies & records.

I'm doing the same - watching the DNC and RNC although I've got my deal breakers too that I don't think will be changing...