Apr 29, 2009

DC - delta crazy

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I'm taking a day to recoup from my vacation but I wanted to throw it out there - pics from the DC trip are up! I saw SEVEN friends from college, visited the Library of Congress, toured the Newseum, went to a wine festival, had a birthday party at Anna's, met Val's puppy and attended the national YNPN conference.

It was so good to see the college friends (mostly deltas or deltas by association) and just catch up. The two I saw the most, Val and Anna, are also two of the gals I've kept up with most. Thus conversation is not stuck in that "remember when" phase. It's nice. People who know that part of your history ridiculously well since its their history too but who also have a pretty good idea of where your life is at now. We know each other's habits, styles, general perspectives and favorite drinks.

And as for work stuff, I feel like I got so much out of this trip. From the session on fundraising through social media to comparing war stories with Anna (PR for Greenworks, which coincidentally is the cleaning product brand I am slowly switching to).

Now I'm home though, which is nice no matter how much fun vacation is. And my puppy is trying to jump through the door to find the pup outside. She's also developed two new-ish habits while I was gone. She now hides under the bed whenever she thinks she is getting a bath or might be in trouble and her obsession with dogs on TV has extended to all animals...ever cartoon. She can't figure out why she can't chase them through the TV. Silly puppy.

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