Jan 12, 2010

I heart Google Analytics

Every story has two sides right? Yeah, Google Analytics is no different. On the one hand, marketing folks talk a lot about metrics. What kinda numbers to pull for the boss man. Google Analytics is a pretty freakin' awesome tool for gathering those metrics.

But then there's the also smart marketing people who remind us that while metrics are fun, not to get too caught up in them. Marketing is not just about numbers; it's about relationships.

And I know this. But if I told you I didn't totally geek out to Google Analytics, I'd be a big liar. I LOVE THEM. I can calculate rate of change...ok, I don't calculate, Google does - but that's exactly what's so beautiful! I can compare this month to this month last year. I can do an analytic sight overlay and see how often a particular link is followed. I can even find out where in the world my Web visitors are from...all the way down to their state! Might I check my stats for gsctx.org CONSTANTLY? Yes. I'll admit it I do.

To feed the addiction, I've added analytics to my blog. Now I can see just how popular or unpopular this little guy is.

1 comment:

Haila said...

It's like I wrote this blog post myself. Completely agree on geeking out over analytics. Love 'em!!!