Jan 24, 2010

The Weekend in Review

  1. We did lots of chores. LOTS I tell you. Saturday Megan came over for dinner and she hadn't seen the house since there were so many boxes we couldn't get into the master bathroom. Needless to say we wanted the place to look nice when she came over. I think she got the full transformation.
  2. Costco is scary. Even at 11:30 on a Sunday morning. Costco also didn't have rawhide bones. Odd huh? Lexi got some dental chews instead and while I'm sure they are very good for her teeth, she goes through them in 3 minutes tops. So much for puppy entertainment. I did however have a gift card to use at Costco from returning floorboards back in November. Pretty sweet to walk out with $113 in misc bulk purchases without the old checking account taking the slightest hint. We now have a year's supply toothpaste, deoderant and sea salt.
  3. I'm learning my way around Sarah's Creek (our neighborhood). Lexi and I took two aimless walks this weekend and I think I'm starting to figure out how streets connect a little better. Nikki told me there's a Melissa Street (interesting because we both have bff's named Melissa) but our aimless walks have not shown us to Melissa Street yet. Oh and btw, Lexi has a new collar that she's showing off on her walks. It's raspberry colored and very pretty.
  4. Ross got one of the flowerbeds in the backyard completely taken out. Woohoo! There were 4 flowerbeds when we bought the house and only 1 of them had anything living and well-maintained in it. Since he and I don't have green thumbs at all, we decided to tear out the 3 with nothing good in them and leave the 4th as long as it can sustain itself. Thank goodness we got so many Home Depot cards for Christmas. We seem to spend tons there without even realizing it. Those gift cards are certainly worth their weight in gold.
  5. Ross has a retirement fund! Yesterday we took a few of the savings bonds my grandparents had given me when I was a kid and cashed them in to start his retirement fund with. Fortunately I thought to take our marriage certificate to the bank with me because since I got these bonds as a kid my name is "Lowe" on them though now I'm a "Black." Without the certificate, they wouldn't have let me cash them. But anyways, got them cashed and then helped Ross open his Roth IRA. It isn't the account we plan on having the bulk of his retirement in, but it was definitely time to start. Hopefully he'll be starting a sweet firefighter's pension plan soon that will foot the bulk of our retirement bill.
  6. And now I'm quasi watching this Vikings-Saints game. I don't really have a preference as to who wins since the Texans and the Bears (Ross' team) were both out decades ago. So...GO EVERYONE! WOOHOO! And Ross is at the fire station earning us the big bucks. Lexi and I will be cuddling in bed. (And holy cow, the Saints just made a big play! I better start paying attention.)

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