Jan 4, 2010

To Food Yet Not To Food

As part of our new year's resolutions we went out to eat on Saturday. I'll admit, it wasn't anyplace unique. But if I told you the surf-n-turf commercial from Outback Steakhouse featuring LOBSTER TAILS didn't entice me, I'd be a big liar. Usually I'm a little bit of a lobster snob and only want to eat it on the east cost. For the right price though, I can be bought.

My Official Review
My official review of Outback Steakhouse begins with the steal of a deal on the Gold Coast margarita. As a Texan, I'll shoot ya straight - I've had better margaritas. But rarely better for under $3.25. For that price you must be a happy hour coinnesuer. $3.25 all day every day is pretty stinkin' good and the rita wasn't bad either. Summary: suggested. The Bloomin' Onion surely went straight to my hips but it was tasty doing so. I'm not sure what the delicious dip was made out of but delicious it was. Summary: do it, but with more than just one other person, if you want to maintain your girlish figure that is. And finally to the main attraction: steak and lobster. WOW. The 6 ounce steak was delicious. I gave Ross a bite and he strongly encouraged me to eat everything else on my plate and leave that for him. I gave him 3 more bites but kept the rest for myself. It was GOOD. The lobster was also pretty good. I didn't even require the usual dipping butter. Well-seasoned though if you are a true blue New Englander, possibly a little over-cooked. However, again for a chain restaurant in Texas that specializes in Aussie grub and for $14, I have no complaints. None.

Not To Food
That was the "to food" part. The not to food part is this: I want a good diet and exercise tracker. Suggest one please! I like WeightWatchers but I'm not on so serious of a slim down plan to pay for it. Really, I just have a couple Christmas pounds to shed, nothing I can't do by eliminating a little wine and a few frappuccinos. Anyways...suggestions are welcome.

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