Jul 14, 2010

Dos Mas Dias

I only have two more days at work until its time for VACATION. Woohoo! Since the last blog post, here's the scoop...
  • Renting a car is wicked expensive. I hadn't really even put that into our vacation budget. I figured, $25 a day, 4 days, $100. Whatever. Its vacation. $100 isn't even budget worthy when you are taking vacation; it falls into misc. Omigod. I was so wrong. I searched and initially came up with quotes for $400! Then our friend Chris, who works at Enterprise, crunched some numbers and got it down to $300. (I don't think "down" can fairly be used here but whatever.) I ended up find a Denver local place for $270 but needless to say that's a tid bit above the $100 I didn't budget. Wowzas.
  • There's a lot of poop. Both Amandas, who remember each have wee babies, have been Facebooking/blogging/texting about poop. My Amanda (the other Amanda is her bff) actually sent me a picture of Taygan's poo explosion and asking how excited I was to visit. Dear Amanda, not until I create my own baby will I deal with poo explosions. You made the baby, you clean up the explosions. (This goes on brief hiatus if I'm babysitting. I wouldn't let the kid hang out in its own poop until mom got home. But guess what. If mom or dad are home, poo explosions are all them.)
  • I won a raffle! At the charity happy hour I went to last week I won the door prize for a month of free boot-camp style workout class. But its no where near me so Brittany is going to be using it. I expect she'll have a very sore month ahead of her.
  • "Wicked" was wicked good. And now I've used "wicked" three (well actually four) times in one blog. When I got to Houston, Mom and I toasted to a "wicked good weekend" (five times). How cute is she to suggest that toast! She's so clever. And it was a wicked (six) awesome weekend with shopping, shrimp dinner by Dad, late night wine with Mom, lazy Sunday of baseball, fancy dinner out, musical downtown and breakfast with the Grandma. Fabulous darling, fabulous.

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