Jul 18, 2010

Weddings and Colorado

Yesterday we hung out with friends of friends, Mike and Lindsay. On Saturday, they are getting hitched. Woohoo!

As we're chatting I mentioned that we're going to Colorado tomorrow (again...woohoo!) and Lindsay says how funny, that's where there are getting married next weekend, in Estes Park, Colorado. Well small world! We're going to Estes Park! Ha! I asked where in the town they are getting married, you know, as if I know anythng about this town and might recognized the name of someplace.

Y'all, they are getting married at the same inn we've rented our condo in!

Talk about a coinci-dink! Now we won't still be there, or trust me, we'd be wedding crashers. But yes we arrive at Black Canyon Inn Monday, check out Thursday and they get hitched there Saturday.

You know what makes this all every more odd ball? None of us are from Colorado. None of us even have family in Colorado. In fact, not one of us has even ever been to Estes Park.

On another super fun wedding/Estes Park note - we're gonna have another wedding in our family!

My cousin Winslow (Mom's bro's middle kiddo, just graduated college, going to grad school in the fall) is life-guarding at the Estes Park YMCA and his girlfriend Megan works there too. Well she's not the girlfriend anymore! On Friday he proposed! And she said yes! Woohoo! We'd already been making plans to see them while we're there next week. So I'm hoping tomorrow we can take them to dinner and congratulate them on their engagement. We'll be the first family members they'll have got to see since he popped the question so I'm looking forward to ooo-ing and awww-ing over the situation with them. Hurray weddings!

Photos of the newly engaged couple, amazing mountains and general vacationing to come soon!

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