Jul 1, 2010

This Month I Will...

  • have a celebratory dinner with Ross, Ryan and Sus re: Ross' new job.
  • celebrate my 3 year anniversary at Girl Scouts. Btw, I definitely have had it in my mind that July 1 was my anniversary however thanks to the terrificness of blogs, I discovered that no, July 2 is my anniversary. However I am not going to take back all the "hey its my anniversary" statements I made today. No. We're going with I started the week of July 1...just because in 2007 July 1 was a Sunday is irrelevant.
  • celebrate 4th of July
  • celebrate 3 years since our first date on July 5, 2007 (this is actually how I realized that my GSCTX anniversary was a day off. Whatever, I knew the important anniversary, the one with my hubby)
  • finally book our trip to Cozumel, as soon as we know when Ross' medical exam for GFD is
  • see Wicked! in Houston with Mom and eat an amazing shrimp dinner cooked by dear old Dad
  • visit Grandma!
  • go to Cozumel (fingers crossed!)
  • smooch my hubby before his first day at GFD, the dream gig
  • go to Boston to see my family, eat lunch at the BU pub, watch Jess & Rob get married and meet baby Taygan
I am jazzed about July!!

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