Jul 27, 2010

Favorites x 2= Love

One of my favorite photographers/deltas (Kristen) did a photo shoot of my favorite Girl Scout/Army wife/mentor (Cindy) and her family. This blog post and the photos just holler "AWESOME!"

I know this was Cindy's family's photo shoot, not mine, but it just fills me with butterflies and rainbows that the worlds of Girl Scouts and TriDelta have collided in Austin and that's making good things happen for good people. I'm thankful to Kristen for her generous photography donations to Girl Scouts (and for helping me out of sophomore slump back in college) and thankful to Cindy for her unwavering and honest mentorship, both professionally and personally. And I'm just bursting with joy that these two great ladies got to meet each other!

See Kristen's great photos of Cindy and fam: http://www.faux-toes.com/blog/2010/07/a-special-session-for-a-military-family.html

PS Another fav: planning a lunch date with my pledge class (& then some) at the BU Pub on Friday. I believe it is the official kick off to the Eddy-Porter wedding weekend and I am jazzed.

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