Jul 26, 2010

There are no words but I'll try anyways

During vacation I finished both books that I brought with me before the flight home. In Denver I poked my head into B&N and picked up two books.

Great, two fluffy girl books, The Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl and Hard to Get. I started reading Call Girl, was amused by some of the client scenes and finished it yesterday. It was a pretty entertaining book until the last two chapters when the character does a 180 in the span of four pages and with no explanation. I actually checked about three times that I wasn't missing pages.

And so before bed I started reading Hard to Get, a paperback about a girl who upon throwing her sister's bachelorette party discovers one of the male strippers is the former love of her life. Presumably the story is about the back and forth of getting back together.

OMG. No. I unknowingly practically bought erotica! Even as a grown, married woman I blushed uncontrollably as a I read the first two chapters. Just after the first I was thinking "my goodness" but thought I would give the second chapter a shot, maybe the author was just trying to hook me. Oh no, the second chapter was equally steamy (and raunchy and...just omigoodness)!

I don't think of myself as prudish but I just cannot read this book! What's more, I don't even think I can take it to Half Price Books as a donation. I shop at the same one every couple of weeks and while I know its probably very vain to think the salesclerks remember me, what if they do!? Then I'll become the woman who donated erotica!

So like I said, there are no words to describe my embarrassment. My solution: throw this book into the bottom of a Goodwill donation bag and be an anonymous donor of erotica.

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