Aug 9, 2010

GFD, Here He Comes!

Breakfast of ChampionsDSC00633Ross tried to tell me I was being a little ridiculous but you know what, I don't care. So there. Today is his first day at GFD and by gosh, I was determined to document it. Secretly, I know he loved me stalking him with the camera this morning. I know it.

First having breakfast with Lexi. And yes, you are seeing that correctly. Lexi is eating cereal off the spoon. Uh huh.

Then into the jeep and off to his first day of work. Hurray! I can't wait for him to come home tonight and tell me all about it. Actually he gets to tell me and his whole family as we have a Gramma going away party tonight. Starting tomorrow she's back in Tennessee with Spike and Kathy.

It's a big Monday!

Side Note, 1:22 p.m.
I've always thought being a housewife would be terribly boring and that I have too much energy to do it. Y'all, I so take it back. I am doing an AWESOME job at being a housewife today. Like killer. Morning work out, dr.'s appointment completed 8 months after recommendation, wedding present purchased, banking issue resolved, cute clothes borrowed, home decorating in process, laundry running. See what I mean!? KILLER. Who knows, maybe firefighting will be so lucrative I can be a housewife every day. (much to the chagrin of my parents who put me through college and my hubby who is helping me pay off the remainder of my loans...maybe out of consideration to them I shouldn't be a housewife. But dang it, I'm good at it!)

Side Note's Side Note, 6:23 p.m.
OK I would be a terrible housewife. At about 5 p.m. I started to go crazy. I had ONE. DAY. of housewifery and managed to go nuts by the end of it. Newest resolution: stay employed.

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