Mar 4, 2011

My World News Debut

Tonight I made my debut on World News with Diane Sawyer.


As you may know, I love love love Diane Sawyer. When I was 16 and working as a receptionist at a hair salon in Seabrook, I told my co-workers that I wanted to be her Good Morning America co-host. Her 20/20 special about life in Appalachia was so jaw-dropping, Ross and I still reference it. (Note: we will never let our kids have Mountain Dew.) We DVR World News and I watch it every night, without fail. Yes, Diane and I have a long history together.

So when I heard from a senior producer at World News that they wanted us to submit video and photos for their Made in America series, well...I nearly peed my pants with excitement.

And then I spent two days waiting to see if we made the cut. As you can see in the video above - we totally did! My cameraman/hubby and I may have screamed through the whole segment tonight. AMAZING.

Also, a big thank you to my parents who called every family member we have to inform them of my national TV debut. It was a very exciting moment for the Black/Lowe/Woodacre/Turner families.

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