Apr 4, 2011

Birthday Wish!

As you may be know, this spring I started volunteering with the Breast Cancer Resource Center here in Austin. I first heard of them through a volunteer committee member/friend who also served on their board. I'm so glad she told me about the organization.

The BCRC does many things but most prominently it helps women battling breast cancer sort through everything (that's probably way over simplifying). When my Grandma was going through her treatment, my aunt became her personal secretary/nurse and had a whole team of aunt and uncles behind her. My aunt went with her to doctor's appointments, took notes, called back for more information and led the care-taking charge after Grandma's masectomy. My family was very lucky that my aunt didn't need to work and could assume the full time role of caretaker and let Grandma focus on one thing and one thing only: getting healthy. But not every family has that opportunity available to them and even if they do, an expert who knows the ropes would be very helpful. And that's what the BCRC does. They provide the educational resources, support system, guidance and a whole lot more so that the woman only has to do one thing, GET HEALTHY.

This month is their big fundraiser, GRAPHIC V. While I have to be honest, I don't really know the story behind why the event is called "GRAPHIC" I can tell you it's a cool event. The evening revolves around an art bra fashion show in which all the models are survivors. The models/survivors are part of the event committee and support group known as the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls. The group is especially for young women battling and beating breast cancer. But, I digress.

So for GRAPHIC I am writing the event script. Yup, going back to my roots of nonprofit communications. I've been working on it off and on for about a week now. Every time I open that Word doc I have the exact same experience: moved to the verge of tears. The story that made me tear up the most came from a mom. The BCRC had given her and her two kids pillows while she was going through treatment. Her kids took them everywhere because hugging one of those pillow was just like hugging mom.

And that's why this month for my birthday I have set up a Causes Wish to raise $500 for the Breast Cancer Resource Center. I'm 2% of the way there and I hope you'll consider making a donation to support all the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls, young in body or like my Grandma, young at heart.

I think she's got a little cowgirl in her

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