Jul 9, 2013


New fav PJs
Not that we needed some doctor to tell us, but apparently we are raising SuperBaby.

Ross took Cade in for his 4 month pediatrician appointment yesterday and he got straight A's! Good head control, excellent "standing", superb speaking. In fact he is very advanced in his verbalizing. Ross quickly made sure the doc knew that was all my genes :)

Baby boy weighed in at 14 pounds, 3 oz. He's also a full 2 inches longer/taller now meaning he breaks the 2 feet mark. No wonder his little footie PJs stopped fitting!

We also got the go ahead to start giving him rice cereal. I don't yet see a need to give him TONS but he does spit up quite a bit still with meals and wakes up in the middle of the night (not that that is unusual but as parents we dream of a full night's sleep). So we're mixing just the tiniest bit in with his bedtime feeding to see if that helps him sleep better at night. We'll start there and maybe add it into a day time feeding at some point too. I dunno; we'll see.

There were only two downsides to the doctor's appointment. First, we got mildly scolded for not enough tummy time as evidenced by his flat baby head (oops, sorry sweetie). And two, Cade-man had to have more shots. But I hear they give those even in Australia so what can you do.

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