Jul 24, 2013

The Best Lunch of the Month

"The best lunch of the month" reoccurs monthly at Chuy's with Haila. And it really is the best lunch of the month. I think in almost 4 years, we've only missed two months (one was sabotaged by sicknesses and the other was waived for Cade).

Today was the best lunch of the month and it was even more awesome than usual. Because as I was telling Haila about my oscillating mommy-guilt, she told me 1) not to have mommy-guilt and that 2) I was super mom.

I don't think I'm some terrible mom, hence why the guilt is oscillating. And while I think Haila telling me I am super mom was really nice, I may not quite be that either. But it was still really really wonderful to hear. Especially from a veteran (she's 5.5 years in) who I think is an excellent mom. It was great, honest, authentic validation and reassurance.

So for tonight at least I go to bed mommy-guilt free. Thanks Haila :)

1 comment:

Haila Yates said...

Being a momma ain't easy! You know how I feel about a possible baby #2, but you make it look doable. Glad you went to bed mommy-guilt free. :-)