Jul 23, 2013

To the Royal Mum

Like most of the developed world, I've spent the past 48 hours on Royal Baby Watch. God bless ABC News and its extensive coverage. As one new mother to another, if I could speak to Kate, here's what I'd say.

Our little prince
Our heir and his throne
Yes - this is a letter of unsolicited advice. I suspect it won't be the first nor the last piece of unsolicited advice you receive.

I'm going to assume you are nursing, at least for a short while. In which case, grapes are your new best friend of a snack food. You can eat them with one hand, they are cold and they are juicy which is perfect because you are already or are about to be wildly dehydrated.

What works this week for Baby Cambridge may not work next week but might work again in two weeks. Rhyme or reason? Nope. No such thing.

Even with a palace full of cooks, butlers, nannies and maids, if you feel like a crazy person, that's OK. It's the sleep deprivation. Because there are some things all the hired help in the world can't do for you - like nursing your baby, eating your meals, taking your showers or taking your naps. And somehow, 24 hours in a day really really isn't enough. (And if you feel the urge to punch the next person who tells you to "sleep when the baby sleeps" that's OK too.)

And finally, though you probably own every baby contraption in England, if you don't already have it, may I recommend the $37 vibrating bouncer chair from Target. It is like baby crack and is totally worth importing.

Good luck and may Baby Cambridge be an excellent sleeper,

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