Jul 19, 2013

Life Ain't Fair

Evening nap was vetoed yesterday for playtime.
I warned him that he would get over-tired but he proved
me wrong and then went right down at bedtime like a champ.
Baby Boy went to bed like a champ last night. Like a champ I tell you.

But guess who did not? Mama.

I had a headache before bed so took Tylenol PM and still it took forever to fall asleep and I saw 2a, 3a, and then 4a.

At 4a after sleep feeding the little one, I hit insomnia like a freight train. I counted backwards, focused on my breathing, tried EVERYTHING and finally I kicked my legs like an over-tired 4 year old and declared "it isn't fair!"

Then I decided at 5a to come downstairs and do my work. Maybe if I can get it done by morning nap time, I too can take a morning nap and let Ross be on baby duty until my morning nap is over.

Perks of working from home. Please let this perk pan out today please.

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