Nov 27, 2013

125 Years of Delta Sparkle

Little known fact: Despite being a member of Alpha Chapter, I have never taken part in a TriDelta Founder's Day event.*

Arrived yesterday; the only pic on the front of our fridge
So it isn't often that I get misty eyed about Founder's Day. I missed that Delta gene I suppose. But today the darling Deltas are 125 years old and seeing one of my sisters' post on Facebook about the wonderful women TriDelta brought into her life reminded me to be so very thankful.

The ladies of three D have more sparkle than any others I know. They are my very bestest friends, my roommates, my bridesmaids, my most favorite vacation-ers, my labor & delivery cheerleading team and one is even my baby godmama.

On the 125th anniversary of Sarah Ida Shaw & Co founding our most wonderful fraternity at the Park Street Church, I say thank you. Thank you for the most wonderful, unbelievably fun, incredibly brilliant, very bestest, super sparkley girls a girl could ever have the honor and joy of calling her sisters.

*Freshman year not yet initiated; sophomore year home for Turkey Day; junior year I'm not really sure but let's go with weather; senior year in Australia

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