Nov 13, 2013

The Big 08 Months!

imageThat's right! The Best Baby in Texas is 8 months old now! Naturally we had us a little photoshoot.

As an 8 month old, Cade is
  • crawling!
  • making consonant sounds, mostly Bs and Ds
  • Had his first word...or so claims his Dad. "Dada" is the alleged first word. I suppose I'll give it to him.
  • 17.5-ish pounds of baby awesome. 
  • sleeping without a swaddle. Just footie jammies and a light blanket.
  • just a few days away from being baptized and not having to worry about baby limbo. Whew.
  • a bit more demanding. Food, warm, sleep, hold-me no longer covers his needs. Now he has specific things he wants to play with or places he wants to go. Goodness.
  • about to out-grow his ducky bath tub. Boo.
  • able to sleep in the stroller, even when we go from outside to inside. He's taken 2 naps in the stroller in our entry way in the past week!
  • super duper cute. Duh.


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