Nov 18, 2013

Mom Says: Two Naps

Yes, that's it. Crawl. Wear yourself out. Good boy.
Cade of the crazy naps and early wake-ups: Game Over.

This morning's 6a wake-up was the last straw. We have officially begun Operation Better Sleep.

While he's a pretty good sleeper in general, the past 2 weeks of ALWAYS being up before 7a and usually before 6:30a is wildly unpopular. And the 3 naps per day, while sounding pretty cool, is also lame. Because they are 3 naps of 45ish minutes each. As a parent you can actually do nothing at all in 45 minutes.

So today I said, no more. Game over. The times they are a-changin' son.

We're knocking these naps down a peg to two. That's right, you get 2 naps kiddo. Take them wisely. Take them long and indulgently. Take them for 1-2 hours each please.

And while you're at it, quit waking up before 6:30a you crazy baby. I keep telling you, Mama is a pumpkin until GMA comes on. At 7. Central Time.

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