Jun 20, 2015

Cade's Weekend

UntitledMr. Cade is having himself a heck of a weekend and it's barely lunch time on Saturday!

Last night he played catch with Holden using the velcro paddle things I found at Target. They did so well! I wasn't sure if they'd be quite old enough but they definitely were.

And then this morning we were busy busy busy. Gym and kids' club at 8:30a, then on to the preschool carnival where he had his first successful bouncey house experience. It took him a while to warm up but then he LOVED it. I literally had to drag him out of it eventually. But for good reason, I knew he was dying to see the animals before we left and it was now or never.

We played with bunnies, briefly petted a goat and then were on our merry way to swim lessons.

Cade did much better at swim lessons today than he did last weekend. He couldn't jump into the pool enough! Eventually I bribed him into blowing bubbles and practicing kicking by promising jumps in return. It totally worked. As the icing on the cake, the pool is right by the railroad and we saw TWO trains go by during his 25 minute lesson. Best morning ever.

This afternoon hopefully we'll play outside with Holden. Then this evening it's gonna be movie time because I have a feeling all this fun will at least have worn me out, if not him. Tomorrow it's Father's Day breakfast and then the afternoon with Nana while Ross and I go check out a new (to us) bar featuring a bazillion games. Right up Ross' alley.


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