Jun 26, 2015

Summer Staycation Day 0

As of 4:56p today, Cade is on summer break! His summer staycation lasts 9 days and includes the July 4 holiday.

We kicked it off with a serious/celebratory discussion about the legalization of same-sex marriage. (Isn't that how every kid starts his summer break?) I told him that today some very powerful and important people decided any adults who love each other can get married. Like how Mommy loves Daddy and Daddy loves Mommy and they are married. His reaction "I love Mommy too." Good deal. (Obviously I know he won't remember this conversation but I thought it was still important to have with him, being that he's alive for this significant event.) Then I said "It's a big day!" to which he replied "Big day! Choo-choo store!"

UntitledAnd even though that wasn't the big day I meant, he was right. We kicked off summer staycation with a trip to Barnes & Noble so he could play on the train table. Then home for cul-de-sac play time, a late dinner, cartoons in Mom's bed and off to sleep.

This year's staycation doesn't feel quite as organized as last year's. But when I think about it, even if it doesn't feel organized, it probably is pretty awesome if you are two.

Swim lessons, library and Daddy time this weekend. Playdates with Rowan and Holden on Monday. Tuesday afternoon/night and Wednesday morning with Nana. Thursday playdate with Holden. Friday TBD, July 4 on Saturday and next Sunday TBD. And probably near daily trips to the gym to hang out at the Kids' Club (which he likes so much he asks to go to) while Mom works out.

Am I excited to have him home? Yes. Am I excited for some extra work-from-home days this week? Yes. Am I excited for a short holiday week? Yes. Am I excited to work out more than I have in at least 3 years? Yes. #StaycationForTheWin

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