Jun 29, 2015

Staycation Days 2 & 3

Fort CadeThe big news of Staycation Day 2....a FORT!

Ross put up Fort Cade in the corner of the gameroom with a stylish shower curtain and bowed rod. Inside lives a nightlight, little rug and a pillow. Soon to come is the Fort Cade sign, book rack and pillow. The wee boy is pretty excited about his fort.

And today on Staycation Day 3 we were BUSY. It started with an early morning (6:15a!). I took the morning off to hang out with him so we went to the duck pond, Starbucks, by the office to say hi to my coworkers and then on a playdate with Rowan.

The afternoon was equally exciting though not quite as successful. Naptime was a no go which is entirely the wrong kind of exciting. But despite that, Jenny said he was very well behaved on his afternoon playdate at her house with Holden. Then later in the evening we went to the gym/Kids' Club and had an evening swim. He LOVED the gym's pool with its bubblers, sprinklers and shallow kiddie area.

He was the cutest little frog there, just jumping around in the kiddie area.

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