Jun 5, 2015


UntitledThe little boy's language continues grow leaps and bounds. He loves repeating new words. Just this week he started saying "Daddy's coffee." With the repetition though comes some kinda funny things. He's thisclose on so much.

Pronouns kill him. He doesn't get them at all. He tells me...

"Mama I want carry you."


"I want sit in my lap."

How do you explain to a 2 year old that what he means is I want you to carry me and I want to sit in your lap? I have no idea! So I just go with it and we do "carry you" and "my lap" regardless of who is carrying who and whose lap is being sat in.

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Anonymous said...

He is going to be a "talker" for sure! Love to see & hear how much he is learning. Love you both, Mom