Jun 19, 2015

Good Behavior Board

UntitledCade has had some terrible twos sass lately. We've been doing time-out and verbal scolding but it just wasn't seeming to work. So about a month or so ago we implemented the good behavior board. He gets a sticker for every day that he 1) does not hit 2) does not throw food and 3) shares nicely.

The first board, which was five days, took three weeks to complete. The second took two weeks. We've been on the third with zero stickers so far. But admittedly, I'm also getting stricter. Today he didn't hit or throw food but he was SASSY. No sticker.

But back to the good stuff. On Wednesday, after being given an final thumbs up from my biz trip by Nana and Dad, Cade got sticker #5 on that Good Behavior Board. His reward: a Dumbo book!

We've read it every day. He is totally in love. And I am in love with my kid being in love with books.

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