Jan 18, 2007

The Beginning of the End...of college

BU Beach
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Well it happened. My closest friends and I have begun our last semester at BU. In May we will walk across our various stages with other students in our majors, a few of us together, to be handed a cardboard cylinder to signify our four years and bukoos of money at BU.

Its sorta sad, I mean I like these guys (and by guys I most mean gals). Most of them have been in tridelta with me for the past few years and we have spent lots of time together. I've lived with a few of them...Christa, AJ, Jane, Anna and Bob. Travelled with a couple, Lindsay and Ang. Visited many many at their homes...Constance, Lindsay, Jess, Jane, AJ, Val, Jen, Risa, Erica, Rae--its one hell of a list on that one. They are, essentially, my college experience.

And I'm looking down the tunnel of not seeing them again for a very long time. And I don't think I like that too much.

On the other hand, I am excited to move to Austin. Everytime I am in that city I feel increasingly comfortable. I know thats a good move to be making because even if I did cling to Boston and the fun I've had here, there is no denying that its all changing. My friends are moving away just like I am. May will be a time to move.

But until then, there will be lots of chapter meetings, Tuesdays at T's, Thursdays with Greys, Fitrec dates, Sunset long after the sun has set, parties at 14A, pre parties at 14A, post parties at 14A, birthdays, weekend trips, laughing, downtown shopping sprees, Blanchards runs, Pub lunches, rock painting, cold weather, warm weather, knightings, lordings, smiling....

and maybe some class. maybe.

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Kristen said...

This post made me cry. Sad tears, Happy tears. Tears that only experience can bring. Remember the end of Charlotte's web when Charlotte had her many, many babies and they all took off in different directions whereever the wind took them. That's how I liked to think about my college days ending and friends and roommates following their own dreams. Ah, the journey of life! Treasure these days with them all in one place. We don't know what tomorrow holds.