Jan 30, 2007

Workin' Girl

Clock Tower
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Yup, thats me, takin' the mornin' train, working my 9-5 (or 830-530 as it may be).

And for no apparent reason I had my camera on me yesterday as I headed down to Bridgeman for a Monday of writing, media work and news clips. I wouldn't say this pic of the clock tower is the best thing I've ever done, but its not bad either.

Now I have to praise the man of the house, Bob. He is such a good sport. Last night we had about 25 girls over for the senior night of alpha week. We completely took over the living room and at times a good part of the kitchen. Not a word of complaint from him. He came home, waved at everyone, said hellos to those he knew and helped himself to the food. Bob's great about all the deltas, the constant take over of his home by them and the inevitable requests for help with things like carrying boxes.

But I suppose there are a few other guys in the world who would handle an entire sorority of women in the lives with equal grace. As we tell Bob, he'll never come home to two college sorority girls ever again. These are the days of his life :)

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