Jan 27, 2007


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Thats right, Melissa got a J-O-B down in Corpus. Not that she wasn't gainfully employed already.

On Thursday my rockin best friend got a job selling houses for a developer in Corpus Christi and she is pretty pumped. She's such a cute little adult.

Now the sad side of the story is that we aren't moving to Austin together any more. Its tough but I think we are gonna pull through.

I'm planning on living with my friend Nate from BU who goes to grad school at UT. And Nate and I are pretty excited about it. Plus I think it is swell that I can go visit my best friend at a beach...and a nice beach at that. On the flip side, she can come visit me up on the river and we can go tubing--a lot. So its all still very happy.

Way to go Melissa!!

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