Jan 13, 2007

There's Deltas Everywhere!

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Omigoodness! It is so good to be back with all my deltas (please note that this of course includes Bob, honorary male delta).

Last night we had dinner at Sunset and there were just so many of us! Val, Kristin, Jane, Jen, Linds, Anna, me, AJ, Megan, Bob and we ran into Maura and Rae. It was wonderful. It made me all warm and fuzzy inside...which is especially good right now as I adjust to the cold.

The cold inside and out. Yup, cold inside, as in inside my apartment. Because our heat is broken! We've taken to putting the space heaters in the living room and camping out in there. Its been an adventure.

But then again, its always an adventure at 14A.

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