Apr 1, 2007

Sunglasses at Night

Representing the Office
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Hats and Sunglasses is the BEST PARTY THEME EVER. Omigod, it added so much to last night's fesitivities. I called Nate just to tell him we have to have "Hats and Sunglasses, Part 2" next year.

It was Hats, Sunglasses and 50 days til graduation. The official title was "Half way there, Ooooo Livin on a Prayer" which we played many many times right along with "Sunglasses at Night." We played them on 14As new surround sound system. And by surround sound system I mean the way Bob and I relocated one speaker to the kitchen from the living room by taping the speaker wire to the wall and ceiling. Yeah, its special but man did it make the music flow that much better.

It doesn't get much better than last night. And we were strict on the theme. There were multiple people who I stopped at the door for a hats/sunglasses check. I had to help out Ben, Maura and Ross who came unprepared, generously loaned them some of my hats/sunglasses. Not ones nearly as cool as the blue ones I picked up shopping earlier in the day, but hats/sunglasses nonetheless.

Moral of the Story:
Hats + Sunglasses + Friends + byob = BEST PARTY EVER
and I graduate in 49 days. Eeks!

PS Check out the pics, they are fantastic

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