Apr 17, 2007

The 2 Things I Couldn't Live Without

Meet my family.
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I have to tell you, these ladies are pretty darn great. And though I technically only live with AJ, I really do live with all of them for all practical purposes.

Friday AJ and I spent over at Val and Kristin's place. And then Saturday we stole Kristin's car to drive to the Build-a-Bear in Natick. We were jealous that Val and Kristin had made each other Build-a-Bears and we had not. And then, while eating at Friendly's and excitedly discussing the 40% off sale at NY& Co; we made the impulse decision to visit Mama Kris at the Booden home. I called Kristin and said "hey friend ...what if we returned the car like tomorrow and not today?" Like the great friend she is, she said "yeah sure man." So we went on a mini-roadtrip to Brimfield and promptly decided that we for sure needed to go on several real roadtrips.

One night with Mama Kris, silk pajamas and Tim McGraw til 3am later, we came back to Boston in the most awful weather you have ever seen. Rain, sleet, ice, snow ALL AT ONCE. In April. Crashed on the futon for a bit and then joined our amigas (and amigos) on the Boston Marathon Bar Crawl. It was grand :)

Our Marathon Monday included food and the futons. The 4 of us actually spent 10 hours straight in our living room. We rotated spots on the floor/futons some but that about covers it. Oh and AJ and Val did go to the door to get our food from the Bertucci's guy. But yeah, 10 hours, in the living room of 14A with the occasional visitors. AMAZING day,

There are no beautiful delta ladies I would rather spend 10 hours in my living room with. No way, these ones are my favorite.

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