Apr 19, 2007

Never Never Land

Yesterday I decided that all this talk I've been doing about graduation, its no good at all. I mean yes, on the one hand, getting a new car, decorating my apartment and having an income all seem like good things. Not doing homework again for a very long time, that sounds swell.

But holy God! Do yall know what happens when one graduates college? You become a grown up! I have a friend from high school who in the course of about one month, got married, got a job and bought a house. Now she's very happy by all accounts and I wish nothing but happiness for her but I don't know if I am ready for these to be normal things among my friends. And its Texas yall; we get married young. Its what we do. It makes me want to remain a college student in the northeast where nobody gets married and on the off chance that someone does the majority of us are thinking "HUH!? What?"

Obviously I have to grow up and graduate (in 31 days). I'm not Peter Pan, I don't live in Never Never Land. There are no time machines to send me back 30 years in a Dolorean. I can't remain 3 years old on a swing with my Dad and baby brother. (but look at the pic! If I could, I would totally do this over again!) So I'm going to do it; grow up and graduate. But sometimes, I must say, it freaks me out just a little bit.

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