Apr 21, 2007

April 20 2007 Will Go Down In History

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When I tell you this was quite a day, I mean it. No kiddin friend.

1) Barack Obama came to BU and was amazing. I believe he said it was his largest fundraister to date but don't quote me on that. As yall all probably know, he's a pretty excellent speaker. And while I don't support every element of all his plans, I think they are probably the best we've got, and not in a lesser of two evils way. For example, he has all these plans to improve schools. You have to be in favor of improving schools. Who isn't? But as a strong opponent of Texas's Robin Hood policy, I have to admit, I'm a little wary of education funding programs. Families work hard to afford to live in areas where their kids can attend good schools and should have all of their taxes go to their kids school. But I suppose I must concede that under that system, bad schools will never be able to afford to get better. So while I don't want my money going anywhere but my local school, I don't have a better plan for funding the improvements of schools in low income areas. So....OK, I'll go with it. Now that I'm done with that soap box, let me just say: Obama. You. Are. The. Man.

And I got to see you speak. SWEET DEAL

2) Relay for Life was pretty rockin, in every sense of the word. The DDD team raised upwards of $1500 which rocks. And the music that was being played ROCKED -- as in rocked the building it was so darn loud. And the MC was a horrible person who made it his goal to mercilessly keep us all awake all night. I left early.

3) Bob. Usually that one word is enough but not for yesterday. Once I decided it was time to leave RFL, I got a text from AJ saying she was taking Bob to the hospital. A little investigation into my inbox taught me that Bob was in excrutiating pain, mostly in his ankle. I slept on the futon so I would be able to find out what was wrong when they got home. And got home they did, at 530a with Corey. And Bob's broken leg. Some mishap at the frat house and now Bob has not a broken but a shattered right leg. He told a friend today that he would make it because he has a whole sorority to wait on him in his gimp-ness. For a guy who can't really walk at the moment, he sure is seeing the sunny side.

4) Part of me doesn't feel like this should really be put on par with an obnoxious MC at RFL but it is a reason whil April 20 was eventful to say the least. NASA. As if the gunman at Virginia Tech earlier this week wasn't enough, we needed a gunman at Johnson Space Center too. Thankfully my family member who works there is alive and well but it was a stressful thing to learn about.

Which leads me to a short soap box on Clear Lake. The CL is a great place; coastal, good schools, upper middle class, well manicured lawns, well educated, safe place for families, all that good stuff. For being a mostly boring suburb, we have an inordinate amount of high profile crimes and tragedies. Why so many? Why so much negative media attention? People connect the dots on my home and things like Clara Harris, Andrea Yates and now this gunman and they think I come from this unsafe place of crazy people. I don't. I like Clear Lake. I just wish all the craziness would stop.

OK thats all. And all that folks, is why April 20th will go down forever in my personal history book.

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