Apr 9, 2007

Happy Easter

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Val & Kristin make a mean turkey. And I so wish I had a picture of them where you could see their matching outfits. They each had big flowers in the hair with matching earings, Kristin in pink and Val in turquoise. and then their tops were reverse colors, black capris and slippers on both. Pretty darn fantastic if you ask me.

It was my first easter not with family of some sort. I've spent a couple college easters with my mom's family down on the south shore and last year I went to CT with Lindsay and had an easter/passover dinner. Matzaball soup for easter -- strange. So this easter, like I said, was my first easter without a tradtional family, no mom/dad/brother/sister/cousin combo. But who in Boston is my family if not AJ, Bob, Val, Kristin and Jane?

And happy 82nd birthday Grandpa Jack!

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