Apr 4, 2007

Take Me Back to Paradise City

Opera House from Entrance
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...where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.

Every once in a while, I decide its time to return to Sydney. I want to hop on a big silver bird, fly for 30 hours and go chill next to the Opera House. After my chilling session, I'd go have Pancakes on the Rocks then walk down George Street back to Unilodge. Maybe stop by the office, have a little chat with Al and Lauren.

I'd watch Blue Heelers if it was on and then go take a jog around Victoria Park, up to the Sydney Uni quad and back home again. Take a book up to the roof and pretend to read while I tan and admire the skyline. I might wander down to the Cancer Council to see Naushin and see what kind of trouble Erin has cooked up.

Then I'd gather up all my amigos, head to the roof and make some mean roo burgers while we watch the sunset. After that we'd probably get cleaned up, which would include telling Jake to hurry up A LOT and teasing Ankur about his old man loafers which we secretly all love.

We might hit up the Marley Bar for a while but Andrew would either not be let in or would get kicked out. Even if he hadn't had anything to drink. Those naturally rosy cheeks of his always get him in trouble.

We'd walk in a mass to Central Station and head out to Kings Cross. Killian would have inevitably forgot her ID and would use Ashley's extra ID to get into places with exciting names like The Fishbowl and The World Bar. The boys would wander off to a 'gentleman's club' and Jake would get lost. It would be 3am and we'd want to go home but we'd know that if we could hold out just 2 hours more we could use the roundtrip subway ticket we already purchased. Then we'd be on a mission.

In those two hours, Jake and I would probably chat with some random Aussie about footy, I of course not knowing which sport we were really talking about since the Aussies call everything footy. Ashley would have 2 or 3 guys try to buy her drinks and none of them would be Australian. Mere would meet up with some musicians. Matt would try to pay the crazy lady with the whip to whip Steve while he talks to his girlfriend back in NH. Ankur would bust out with some dance moves, shocking us all. And Melvin would say a lot of random bizzare things leading to fits of laughter.

Then we'd throw ourselves back onto the train and walk slowly home, wishing there was a diner we could go into but knowing the only place we can get 24-hour breakfast is down at Pancakes.

Here in lies the only problem with sending me back to paradise city: you'd have to send about 10 people with me. That could get expensive.

And as soon as you sent me back to Sydney, I'd want to come back to Boston.


Ashley d'Entremont said...

I think we need a Sydney reunion fundraiser...you're good at that sort of thing, I nominate you to organize.

The reminiscing brought a tear to my eyes. Just one more day, one more night, with no worries of classes or going to work, would be lovely.

Cheryl said...

cheers to that lovey