Jul 7, 2007

Austin: The Little Big Town

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Austin cracks me up. Its a city (clearly) but not a very big city. And it tries REALLY hard to have all the same things as a big city. But its all in a smaller scale.

Big cities have baseball, the Sox, the 'Stros, Braves, Angels, whatever. Austin has a minor league team and a super cute field for them to play on. The good news: the Express players are just as cute as any MLB players I have ever seen and that much closer to you since the field is small. (Britta's family was very nice to invite me to last night's game and we had a geat time!)

Big cities also have airports. Well so does Austin. But its teeny tiny and really funky, basically its everything that is Austin represented in an airport.

And ya know what? I kinda like this little big town.

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Kristen said...

and you didn't even mention the small town news people on tv. to me, that's the biggest glaring neon sign that this really is a small town to get used to.